Tickets Prices in USD

  • Ended
  • As always, TriConf attendee tickets are pay-what-you-want and include Tuesday's Ideation, Friday Kick-off and the all-day Saturday event -- $0 is just fine if you prefer. All are welcome :) {Ticket sales will go to support current and future TriConf events.}
  • You're seriously awesome! We'll list you as one of the supporting sponsors on the website and give you thanks on Twitter, Facebook, and at the event.
  • We'll feature your company's logo on the TriConf website, include your logo on the TriCong 2019 tee shirt, thank you on Twitter and Facebook, associate you with one of the conference elements, and give you thanks during the conference at a key point.
  • We'll feature your company’s logo on the TriConf website as one of the presenting sponsors, put your brand on all triconf banners and included on the TriConf 2019 tee shirts, thank you on Twitter and Facebook, associate you with a major conference element, and give you 5 minutes to address everyone during the conference opening.
  • Thank you for supporting Triconf! We will give you a shout out on Facebook and Twitter, and you will receive a limited edition TriConf 2019 Sponsor tee shirt!
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